Barbecue Tips and Global Grill Culture


Estimate the amount of coal well. Spread coal pieces an additional ten centimeters from the left and right edges of the grill area. Don’t add coal afterward.

Don’t start grilling before reaching high temperatures.

Keep the grill clean. If it is dirty, the food will stick to the wire. It is best to brush it and wash with soap after each barbecue party. Also, before using it again, wash, dry, and place it on the barbecue.

To avoid meat, fish, or vegetables sticking to the grill, oil the wires before you start The Evolution of Mangal Tradition in Turkey.

Don’t turn them using forks. Use tongs.

Cook thick meat pieces by covering them.

Rest the grilled meat for a few minutes before serving.

Never leave your spot by the barbecue so that you can keep an eye on hazards and also check if the meat is cooked right.

Australia and New Zealand Know the Drill

Australians and New Zealanders love barbecue too. The outdoor lifestyle might influence this. Also, almost every Australian has barbecue setups ready in gardens. Generally, sausage, steak, sticky meat, hamburger, shrimps, kangaroo meat, chicken, and mushrooms are cooked on these mechanisms. In every park, there are ready barbecue systems. People grab the meat from the butcher or the market and go to the park, where the barbecue is all set.

Spicy Meat from Mexico

Barbecue has a special place in Mexico, the kitchen of hot sauce and peppers. Here, primary accompaniers of barbecue meat are, of course, world-known wraps such as ‘taco’ and ‘tortilla’ as well as hot sauces Private Tours Balkan. Let us note that Mexicans made it into the Guinness World Records by grilling 4 tons of meat.

Uruguay Has the Record

Another country that loves grilling huge meat on barbecue is Uruguay, holding the world record. Over a thousand barbecue fans barbecued 12 tons of steak in the capital city Montevideo and made it to the Guinness World Records, outpacing the record of Mexico. For the preparation of the barbecue that was one and a half kilometers long, firefighters who lit 6 tons of coal, as well as military units, worked together. 20 thousand spectators ate the steak grilled by a thousand and 250 people with pleasure. In short, barbecue is a national passion for Uruguay.


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